Wayne Lovegrove

Wayne has been practicing in the field of architecture for over 25 years after graduating from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. He has worked in Miami Florida, in New Jersey, in New York City, in Maine, and for over 20 years in the Seattle region.

Wayne and his older brother began designing homes as kids with scrabble tiles on the Scrabble board, then with pencils on paper, fashioning underground Sea-doo playgrounds and "pads" inspired by Daredevil and Mandrake's Xanadu. Discovering the architecture section at the public library at age 12 proved a critical inspiration for the pursuit of excellence in architecture. Wayne designed his first homes as a teenager.

The goal has always been to design and build excellent architecture that enriches human experience, and while learning the trade Wayne actively pursued and achieved positions throughout the country working for architects doing excellent work.

During his years in the Seattle region, many of Wayne's residential designs have been built throughout the area for a variety of satisfied owners, incorporating the highest quality appropriate for each, with programs and budgets varying from minimal to extensive.

Purpose (Some personal comments)

It's very easy to sound disingenuous by talking about, say, integrity, service, commitment, missions, etc., the staples of the web presence of service oriented firms.

So what to say?

The goal of this practice is to produce excellent built architecture.

It's that simple here, and I work hard to make that happen for my clients and for myself. It bothers me - it's unsatisfying - to build badly designed work. By contrast, the experience of completing, and then living in, a building really well designed, is difficult to describe, but influential to one's ongoing, day-to-day life and brain chemistry in the most satisfying way. It's really worth it. It really comes down to doing the best work I'm capable of that meets my clients' needs. Everything else stems from that commitment.

The process is one of gaining an understanding of the owner's needs, desires, and budget, and translating those through a process of architectural design, from initial meetings through to the owner occupying their finished home.

While the purpose is serious, it's undertaken with an active sense of humor, as clients have discovered. We're individuals in this process, bringing unique personalities, so let's enjoy it and have fun while we move through the project together.

Please look at the PORTFOLIO of work and hopefully the quality of the work will speak for itself.

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